Will my insurance cover my procedure?

Vascular surgery (arterial) is usually covered and we will work with your insurance company to check for coverage and if preauthorization is required.


What kinds of testing will need to be done?

This really depends on why you are being seen.  If you have carotid disease, usually you will have had a Carotid Ultrasound (Duplex) already completed.  For leg issues, we usually get ABIs prior to your appointment.  You may also need further testing depending on the reason you are being seen.  The type of testing you may need will vary and the provider you see will determine if anything further is needed so the appropriate treatment can be determined for you.


How long will I be off of work?

This really depends on the type of surgery that you have but can range anywhere between 2-8 weeks for an open vascular surgery and as little as 24 hours for endovascular procedures.


What if my employer has paperwork to be completed, such as FMLA or disability forms?

No worries!  Our office staff takes care of all that paperwork for you. When you notify your employer you need time off for surgery, they will give you these papers which you then bring to our office with your name and date of birth on them.


What if I have problems after surgery?

We have a vascular surgeon on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will always have someone available to you if you have problems. We also have a vascular triage nurse in the clinic during business hours as well as multiple surgeons to answer your questions.

Our office number is 1-888-278-3795.


When can I drive after surgery?

The day of your procedure you will need a driver and are not able to drive.  After surgery you may be sore and have some limited mobility. Your surgeon will advise you on what to expect for the timing of this of this. It may be just a couple days or weeks depending on what you have done.