Before undergoing vein surgery, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Consultation with Brenda Mittelsteadt, NP, Rhonda Repinski, ANP-BC, or Mary Jo Zurawski, A.P.N.P, to evaluate the severity and necessity for treatment of varicose veins as well as to initiate the workup process
  • Color pictures of your veins (for the insurance company)
  • Ultrasound (done in the office) to evaluate the size of the veins, whether there is reflux (blood flow going in the wrong direction) in the veins
    • This helps us identify which treatment is the best option for you.
  •  “Conservative therapy” documentation (a step required by most insurance companies)
    • This may include three monthly visits with the nurse practitioner. We will help guide you through this documentation if it is needed.
  • Submission of paperwork to the insurance company for preauthorization
    • You won’t need to worry or fret about all the paperwork. Our team will take care of it for you!