These are the questions we are asked most often.  If your question isn’t covered here, please contact our office at 1-888-278-3795 to get your questions answered.

Will my vein surgery be covered by my insurance?

We make sure to have the proper documentation and show your insurance the medical necessity for your treatment.  This will be explained to you at your first visit in more detail.  We send all the information needed for your insurance company to review and approve your surgery.

Are Spider veins considered cosmetic treatment and will it be covered by insurance?

Spider veins are usually considered “cosmetic” by insurance companies and they usually will not pay for treatment.  Sometimes spider veins are a sign of other vein disease which we will look at for you and help determine the best treatment options for you.  If your spider veins end up being a purely cosmetic issue, we can work with you to determine a payment plan if this is what you need.

What can I expect after my surgery?

Usually patients have significant improvement in the leg heaviness and aching they had prior to surgery.  You may have some discomfort in your inner thigh and calf.  This is NORMAL and can be from the treatment you received.  Although not common, a few patients may also have a small amount of numbness and tingling in the lower calf area.  This is usually caused from irritation of the nerve next to the vein being treated.  This usually resolves on its own shortly after the procedure.  You may feel a little stiff in the leg treated as well and is normal.

When can I go back to normal activity after my vein surgery?

This may vary a bit depending on what all you have had done, but in general, you will need to elevate your legs the day of your procedure and the next day as much as possible.  You may start climbing stairs and walking the day after your procedure as well.  Try not to stand for long periods of time for the first week after.  You may start to drive 24 hours after eh procedure as long as you are NOT taking any narcotics and can move your legs to react as needed when driving.  We don’t want you doing any heavy lifting or aggressive exercise until cleared by your surgeon or the nurse practitioner you see postoperatively.

How long do I need to have DRESSINGS on after my procedure?

We ask you keep your dressings and compression wraps on for the first 48 hours.  After 48 hours, you may remove your dressings and apply compression stockings or the wraps as directed and take these off at bedtime.  You may shower once all the dressings are removed, but NO BATHS, POOLS, HOT TUBS, and JACUZZIS until seen at your follow up appointment.

What can I do for the pain after my vein surgery?

After your surgery, you can elevate above your heart level, use ice, and the pain medicine as prescribed.  You may also use Ibuprofen or Tylenol, or Aleve (Naproxen) as needed.