Spider veins are thin, blue and purple clusters of veins which usually appear on a person’s outer thighs, lower legs or face. The name is derived from their resemblance to a spider’s web.

The usual way in which spider veins are formed is when valves that prevent blood from flowing backward are damaged or not performing properly. Blood backs up in the veins, increasing pressure and weakening the walls of the veins. The pooling blood shows through the skin as webs, branches or patches. Many factors increase the likelihood of developing spider veins, including heredity, prolonged standing, pregnancy and menopause.

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An exception is spider veins (or broken capillaries) of the face, which can develop without underlying venous issues. They often present in the noses and cheeks of people with fair skin and are typically associated with rosacea, chronic sun exposure or autoimmune disorders.

While the formation of spider veins can’t always be avoided, there are simple lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your chances of developing spider veins or prevent new ones from forming:


Elevate Your Legs

Either sitting or standing, the veins in your legs are under a lot of stress as they work against gravity and the higher venous pressure it causes. When you have time to relax, elevate your feet above the level of your heart to encourage blood flow.


Invest in Compression Socks

Wearing compression socks fights the effects of gravity and makes it harder for blood to pool in the lower legs. The socks are designed to squeeze your veins with just the right amount of pressure to improve circulation.


Take Active Breaks

Regular activity promotes healthy veins, so get moving when you have the opportunity! If most of your time at work is spent standing or sitting, add short walks and/or calf raises into breaks to keep blood flowing.


Exercise Regularly

Exercise, similar to the previous suggestion, improves circulation by helping pump blood from the legs back to the heart. Routine exercise can also help you lose weight, which eases the pressure put on the veins in your legs, preventing the valves from weakening or failing.


Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

UV rays break down collagen under the skin’s surface and damage blood vessels. Repeated sunburns raise your risk of developing spider veins on your nose and cheeks.


Eliminate Spider Veins With Laser Treatment

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Spider veins, once formed, won’t disappear on their own. Whether you’ve recently noticed a few new webs or are sick of your existing spider veins limiting your wardrobe choices, a specialist is required if you’d like them removed for good.

The experts at Elevé Plastic Surgery, MedSpa, Vitality use advanced laser technology to eliminate spider veins on both the legs and face and cherry angiomas. The non-surgical technique sends targeted heat energy to the lining of veins, causing them to collapse. They are then naturally absorbed by the body, and other, healthy veins take over their function while the treated spider veins fade and disappear.

The in-office procedure typically takes 15 – 30 minutes to complete. The treatment doesn’t require anesthesia, making it less risky than more invasive procedures. Most patients are able to return uninterrupted to their normal routine.

Depending on the severity of the spider veins, multiple treatments may be needed to achieve your desired results.

To learn more about Elevé’s advanced laser vein treatment, set up a consultation today: (715) 847-0000


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