Your cardiovascular system is your body’s major “transportation system.” It is the means, via arteries and veins, by which blood and oxygen is supplied to your muscles and organs. Problems within the vascular system can be life-threatening or severely impact your quality of life. You may simply have pain in your legs after walking (claudication) or sores on the legs and feet that won’t heal. Stroke is possible if buildup in the carotid arteries of the neck is left untreated.

Surgical Associate’s team of board-certified vascular surgeons are highly-trained in the complex practice of correcting vascular problems. Our surgeons work closely with the Vascular Laboratory (located in our clinic) as well as the Aspirus Wound Clinic.

We take pride in our comprehensive approach to vascular care at Surgical Associates. Our clinic has trained nurse practitioners focused on vascular disease and an accredited vascular ultrasound department providing services within our clinic setting. Surgical Associates vascular surgeons are fellowship-trained, and all lower peripheral interventions are performed within the comfort of our clinic’s angiography suite.

We are dedicated to quality outcomes and preventing amputation, offering the most advanced treatment options available to help patients preserve their legs. Patients at Surgical Associates report a client satisfaction score of 4.98/5, and our amputation rate stands at 5% compared to the national rate of 20%.

Regardless of your condition, our goal is to always offer hope when others tell you there is none.

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